Lauren + Jason

Photographer: Sarah Valencia

Ahnika + Garrett

Photographer: Hannah Pflug

Rachel + Garrett

Photographer: Veil and Venture Collective

Emma + Andrew

Photographer: Savile Row Visuals

Kelsey + Kirkland

Photographer: Megan O’hare

Patience + Trent

Annie + Fidel

Photographer: Josh Fiedler


Liz + Dillon

Photographer: Mel Watson Photography

Nichole + Kyle

Photographer: Kelsi Grace Photography

Amanda + Nick

Photographer: N2 Photography

Sydne + Austin

Photographer: Glam Haven Photography

Katie + Christian

Photographer: Multi-Images Photography

Maternity Shoot

Katrina + Jake

Photographer: Kelsey Schrimbeck & Forever Films & Photo

Bre + Chad

Photographer: Rouge Photography


Jessica + Zach

Stephanie + Chris

Katlyn + Caleb

Photographer: Malachi Lewis

Emily + Jacob

This was a special project where the bride used her mother’s bridal bouquet & I helped her update it to fit her style & the modern day
Photographer: Tara Kneiser

Paige + Trace

Photographer: Ashley Nicole